Microphone Isolation Shield Stand Set StudioM

Microphone Isolation Shield Stand Set StudioM

MSS-S4: Adjustable tripod, isolation shield, durable tray, pop filter all in one for studio


  • Adjustable height: Durable floor tripod stand with adjustable height up to 1.8m.
  • Strong filter: Absorbing layers effectively filter unwanted noise and prevent sound reflection.
  • Collapsible: Foldable five-panel isolation shield with high-density sponge.
  • Compatible: Solid tray for placing mixers, adding more fun.
  • Compact design: All in one set and easy to use

Product Details :

If you already have a high-end microphone from big brands, MicMate TIS-MM1 is the perfect companion. Why?
The solid tripod stands firmly with adjustable heights up to 1.8 meters, allowing the microphone to sit exactly in front of your mouth. Moreover, the flexible gooseneck of pop filter assures appropriate distance and angle for the microphone to catch your voice subtly.
What’s more, the double layers of pop filter contribute to absorbing plosive, saliva, noise, etc., protecting microphone as well as improving recording effect. The five-panel isolation shield provides powerful encircling protection from ambient noise.
Furthermore, MicMate contains a metal tray for placing mixer, adding more diversity and possibility.
MicMate is a superb professional set for your valuable microphone for studio, recording, broadcasting, etc.

Stand loading weight: 8kg
In the box
1 x floor stand
Packing details
Package type: Kraft box
Length of stand: up to 180cm 1 x tray Quantity per carton: 3
Material of stand: steel 1 x pop filter Carton dimension: 58.3 x 32.7 x 51.3 cm
Material of isolation shield: plastic, sponge 1 x isolation shield (with mounting accessories) Gross weight: 13 kg
Size of isolation shield: 69(opened)26cm, 20(folded)26cm HS code: 8518100000

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