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Affordable Microphone, Pro audio

What are we?

Affordable Microphone, Pro audio

  • Micdio is derived from microphone and audio, which are the origin of our passion. We are an audio brand immersed in supplying affordable microphones, microphone accessories, and professional audio peripheral OEM&ODM PRODUCTS, based in Shenzhen, China.
  • Taking advantage of the optimized flexible supply chain in segmented industries and well-experienced teams, we are devoted to ensuring the most moderate price with no concession to professional quality and away from troubles.
  • We understand deeply that affordable pro product with competitive cost performance is the key to a sustainable brand, for both our clients and us.

All-around services and value-added supports

  • We are dedicated to helping you build your brand easier, we are a brand for the success of your brand.
  • We offer all-around services from beginning to aftersale. Apart from the basic order process from OEM products to logistics, we also provide marketing support.
  • And we provide all kinds of value-added support including pictures, videos, downloads, and knowledge bases.

Our mission, culture and value

  • Mission: Boost your brand, expedite made in China, we grow together. Not only win-win, it’s triple win!
  • Vision: To be your first supplier choice in the audio vertical industry from China
  • Culture: Client first, quality oriented.
  • Values: Adhere to long-termism. To be our best selves.

How are we created?

1. We originate, client’s demand

  • Back in 2016, when our founder worked as a salesperson in a specialized headphone factory Bluedio, he met with our first honored client M, an audio distributor from Europe.
  • And based on the client’s demand, we were inspired to source microphone pop filter with customized logo and package for his brand.
  • Our story began with modesty.

2. We expand, sourcing service

  • From 2017 to 2018, motivated by M client, we sourced more products including microphones, microphone stands, speakers, headphones and other audio accessories. And not limited to these products, we expanded to other categories including musical instruments, lighting, fitness, garments, etc.
  • We consolidate the products from our deep cooperated reliable factories and brands, carefully inspected, and smoothly shipped to the client by the all-in-one services.
  • SWOPOR headquarter center was founded with motivation.

3. We evolve, product-oriented

  • Later on, from 2019 to 2020, we realized that to serve clients’ demands better, we should specialize in our advantageous field. Trusted by our clients, we decided to be immersed in microphone, and audio-related products as we have always done since the beginning.
  • We built an efficient team of product experts. By taking advantage of supply chain management, we accumulate our strength with comprehensive supports, and grow together with valued clients, reliable partners and respected friends.
  • Shenzhen Hexi Technology Co., Ltd company was established with gratitude.

4. We reborn, brand-driven

  • Since 2021, based on data and experience, we know that in order to help clients to build audio brands easier, it’s not simply to print their logo on products, manuals and packages. What’s most important, we need to improve our brand consciousness, in-depth understanding of what a successful brand demands in a long run.
  • Our team is determined to be greater and stronger to best fulfill clients’ needs for their brands as our lifetime career.
  • Microphone + audio, Micdio brand was born with missions.

Who are leading our team?

1. Micdio team core leaders


Sales director

(strategic growth, VIP clients, team build )

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To be the best me. Let’s meet at the peak


Sales executive

(new clients, order fulfillment, services )

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Be friend of time


Marketing director

(marketing, branding, team support)

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Just do one thing, make it the best.


Supply chain manager

(product development, supply chain optimization, quality control )

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Work hard, play hard

2. Letter from Micdio team

Dear clients,

We are a young energetic team. The passion for fulfilling your demand brings all of us together. The recognition and encouragement from you give greater significance to our work and life, support us to keep going further and be stronger. Client satisfaction in priority is always in our heart.

We’ve contacted with numerous factories and brands in China, and communicated their salespeople, a number of them do not even know how to communicate normally, they do not listen to clients, ignore questions, do not follow up, and do not reply in time. They do not keep their promises. Not a few of them only care about high MOQ, their own profits and sales figures. Some brands even rob their clients’ customers, sell online by themselves at very low retail prices and ruin the market, regardless of the fact that their clients already spent a lot of time, money and energy on the products and brands.

Moreover, some suppliers were not going to take full responsibility for the problems, and refused to provide a satisfactory solution. They even replied that they can not make compensation beyond their profit. Or they would quote a much higher price if you require them to optimize the product quality. Sounds ridiculous, right? That’s not the way we do business.

Good factories that perfectly match each other’s business concepts are hard to find. But still, it’s of vital importance to find the right company to cooperate with to achieve your brand goals. So it’s our mission to build and accelerate Micdio to better meet your needs, truly help you build successful audio brands easier. We know there is a long way to go, but we believe that we will be able to make it with our perseverance day by day and our inner driving force to do the best.

Let’s also be your team, your partners and friends. Let’s stay true to the mission, go through the meaningful journey together, and strive for a brighter future.


Micdio team

Let’s Be Your Team

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