Why Micdio

Find out why Micdio is your first choice for building and expanding brand with affordable pro audio products.

1. How can we solve your trouble?

-Troubleshooting and provide value

Faced with the problems below and looking for solution?

1) Upset because of countless time wasted?
  • Endless communication among tremendous suppliers for excessive identical products.
  • Time differences result in delayed and inefficient talk.
  • Nonprofessional and poor English sales frequently cause misunderstandings.
  • Numerous trifles await confirmation before business starts.
Our Time-saving solutions:
  • We provide one-stop high cost-effective competitive market-proved products.
  • Our team works hard efficiently day and night to communicate with you timely.
  • Our sales communicate with you professionally in fluent business English.
  • We are experienced in standard operating procedures for a quick start of cooperation.
2) Heart-bleeding for spending much higher expenses?
  • Wasted cost due to unqualified samples and mass production goods.
  • Exorbitant product price and hidden charges.
  • Extra freight costs for shipping from many different factories.
  • High expenses due to redundant recruiting, inspection, visits, hidden risks and scams, etc.
Our Cost-saving solutions:
  • We supply 100% tested and inspected products in compliance with market regulations.
  • We offer competitive prices without unexpected costs, ensuring your reasonable margin.
  • Cooperating with us means you consolidate goods into one advantageous factory for shipping together, largely cutting on the cost you spend in separate shipments with scattered suppliers.
  • Our team provides extra all-round SERVICE as your free backup team in China
3) Tired of tedious work importing from China?
  • Hard to find the right factories to cooperate with, and lots of customized documents to design.
  • Complex documents from different factories for shipments and customs clearance, etc.
  • Lack of marketing pictures, product resources and after-sales support.
  • Endless after-sales problems and troublesome solutions because of irresponsible factories.
Our Effort-saving solutions:
  • We are your long-term partner, creating customized design sketches, manuals and packages for you.
  • Certificates, CI, and PL files will be sent together to you for expediting the preparation of custom clearance.
  • We provide value-added marketing pictures, videos and knowledge SUPPORTS.
  • 12 months warranty for all products, we are always responsible for helping solve issues if any, instead of passing the buck to clients.
4) Worried about harsh cooperation?
  • Annoying & arrogant cooperation terms by short-sighted factories.
  • Ultra-high MOQ and order amount requirement.
  • Unnecessary sales restrictions of prices and distribution channels.
  • Tough requirement for handling after-sales issues and replacements.
Our Worry-free solutions:
  • We cooperate with you under favorable conditions in the long run.
  • We ensure acceptable MOQ for you to quickly start and reduce stock risk.
  • It’s your right to confirm your own sales prices, margin, channels, and execute localized sales strategies.
  • If there is an after-sales issue, usually you only need to provide videos or pictures.

2. What are our differences?

-To bring you exclusive advantage

We ensure your reasonable margin and exclusive rights

  • We profoundly understand that your margin and exclusive advantage are of ultimate importance for long-standing and incremental business cooperation.
  • Thanks to our optimized supply chain, we are capable of providing cost-effective products. Moreover, we do not sell directly online to consumers at low retail prices. So we ensure your proper margin remained for long-term cooperation.
  • We keep obeying business rules, and never create vicious competition by unwisely attempting to cooperate with as many customers as possible in the same market. We never compete with our clients, so you can say no to the anxiety and frustration about low margins and fierce competition.
We enable you to keep focused and grow rapidly
  • We are committed to satisfying your diverse needs with one-stop advantageous customized products. So you won’t be overwhelmed by numerous similar products from various factories.
  • Moreover, we provide valuable all-around SERVICES and useful marketing SUPPORTS.
  • We are your reliable backup in China. So you are able to focus on your own vital important sales and market area, maintaining a long-lasting competitive edge.
We work as your long-term strategic partner
  • Unlike many other brands, we are a trustworthy B2B brand focused on customized products with your brand, not ours. And we always believe the essence of business is that only when our valued clients succeed, can we succeed.
  • We highly value each client, no matter how big or small your business is. We’re ready to grow together with you. We are loyal to respectable clients who are in continuable cooperation as we stick to long-termism, not a one-off deal.
  • In Micdio, we adhere firmly to the principle “Client First”. It’s not merely words. It’s in our genes and guides action.
We help you to build and expand successful brands easier
  • We understand well that branding can promote recognition, increase customer trust and loyalty, and create premium and more business value.
  • As your strategic partner, we attach great importance to your brand building and expansion. Apart from the superior products, we also provide all-around services including customized marketing materials, accumulated scientific strategies, and industry knowledge bases.
  • In addition, our value-added support helps you to easier build a reputation and expand brand influence, making your brand stand out and go beyond your competitors.

3. Why you can trust us?

-As your long-term partner and help your brand succeed easier?

Check out what clients say

  1. More cooperation
2. Grow 6 times
3. Larger warehouse
4. 400 meters
5.Grow together
6. 200 products
7. Selling 3 countries
8. Number 1

to be continued…

*Note: For protecting client’s privacy, company names and portraits are not revealed.

Starting from an order of about US$3000 to the first place in the industry, it’s our great honor to be a long-term partner and grow together with our honored client. Moreover, our lifetime friendship is a beautiful big gift for us. The story keeps going on forever…

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